The Telegraph Bowl

The Telegraph Bowl is the XOD Cowes Division invitational regatta open to other XOD Divisions. It normally coincides with the weekend before the start of Classic Week mid/late July. It’s seen as a pre Classic Week warm up in Cowes with boats from all divisions.
The trophy was donated by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (now RORC) and first contested in 2010.
RORC have taken over the running of the regatta with the prize giving in the clubhouse after racing on the Sunday.

2017 results
1st: X80, Lass, John Tremlett
2nd: X50, Xcitation, Roger Yeoman
3rd: X175, Gin, Jonathan Clark
(prize giving photos to follow)

2016 results
1st: X80, Lass, Andrew Bullock, Lear & Tremlett
2nd: X156, Gleam, James Meaning
3rd: X26, Catherine, Colin McKinnon

2015 Telegraph Bowl gallery from Hamo Thornycroft here

The ‘Crew In Cowes’ Bowl

The Crew In Cowes Bowl is awarded to the boat with the most outings over the season of the Cowes Division races.
It is calculated as days raced rather than individual races as some days we have several races.
This is worked out on  ‘Cowes Clubs & Classes Association’ (CCCA) events, RLYC Warm up regatta, Telegraph Bowl and August Bank Holiday weekend.
This trophy was awarded by Reg White (Crew In Cowes website) in order to try and encourage people to do as many outings as possible over the season. The trophy is a Champagne Bowl mounted onto and oak plinth with a silver band (not shown in image) engraved with trophy name & annual winners. First awarded in 2014.

2016 results
Tied between X105, Blue Phantom, Mike Till and X31, Frivol, Reg White and Andy Armstrong.

2015 results
Tied between X173, Heydey, Gill Clark and X73, Zephyr, Jonathan Clark

X75, Delight, Mike Till


The Milford Haven Cup

The Milford Cup is new for 2017 and is being presented by the Royal Thames Yacht Club (RTYC).

This is an open event (invitational) for
other divisions to contest and is awarded in London at the RTYC laying up supper. The prize includes invites to supper for two at the laying up supper in London.
Originally awarded in 1965 by the Marquess of Milford, this trophy was called ‘The Thames Cup – Contessa 32 Regatta’. Resting on a wood plinth with a silver band engraved with winners. Hallmarked for Sheffield 1925 by HE Ltd.

There is a minimum of 10 boats required to contest this for it to be awarded. Click here for more details.RTYC logo, XOD Cup, Cowes

The Cariad Cup
CCCA Solent Series – shoreline starts weekend racing over the season.

CARIAD, the largest and oldest gaff ketch in the world was designed and built by Summers & Payne, of Southampton in 1895 for Lord Dunraven.
100′ loa (exc bowsprit) she was specifically built for racing Kaiser Wilhelm in the Emperors Cup in Cowes Week 1896. History here.

2016 Results
1st, X31, Frivol, Reg White & Andy Armstrong
2nd, X121, Curlew, Neil & Vanessa Clifford
3rd, X98, Waxwing, Chris Stannard

Island Sailing Club, Logo, Pennant, CARIAD CUP, CARIAD, Lord Dunraven

Gold Sail Boat Trophy
Highest placed boat in the combined CCCA races without a trophy.

2016 Results
X76, Myrtle, Cordelia Ellis

Mike Till Bowl
Most days raced in Cowes events without a trophy.

2016 Results
X121 Curlew, Neil & Vanessa Clifford

Knight Single Handed Trophy
Best Cowes boat in Cowes Week.

2016 Results
X127, Rachel, Penny Fulford

Jubilee Cup
Best Cowes boat in Classics Week.

2016 Result
X175, Gin, Jonathan Clark

Sans Peur Cup
Best Cowes boat in the Telegraph Bowl.

2016 Result
X64, Lightwood, Michael O’Donnell

The Zephyr Cup
Zephyr Cup Weekend  – windward / leewards, part of CCCA committee boat weekend racing.






2017 Zephyr Cup Results – 20th/21st May

1. Xactly, 1-2-[4]-1: 4
2. Gin, 2-1-[3]-3: 6
3. Myrtle, 3-[4]-2-2: 7
4. Rachal, [4]-3-1-4: 8
5. Tonic, 5-[6]-5-6: 16
6. Aora , 6-5-6-[7]: 17
7. Blue Phantom, [8]-7-8-5: 20
8. Sunshine,7-[8]-7-8: 22
9. Curlew, 9-[13]-10-10: 29
10. Waxwing, [13]-13-9-9: 31
=11. Fire Bird, [13]-13-13-13: 39
=11. Party X, [13]-13-13-13: 39

Full 2017 results online at

2016 Zephyr Cup Results – 24th/25th September

2016 Zephyr Cup results – X One-Design (pdf here)
1. Tonic, [1]-1-1-1: 3
2. Blue Phantom (Mike Till), 2-[6]-4-2: 8
3. Myrtle, 3-[5]-3-3: 9
4. Heyday,  4-2-[7]-5: 11
5. Sox,  5-4-[6]-4: 13
6. Xactly , [9]-3-5-6: 14
7. Seamist, [9]-9-2-7: 18
8. Aora, 6-7-[9]-9: 22

Full 2016 results online at

Images of other trophies to follow . . . . . 

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